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Coimbra (pronounced “QUEEN-bra”) lies in the middle of Portugal, about half way between Lisbon and Porto. Coimbra was the first capital of Portugal and its university is one of the oldest in Europe, dating from 1290.


The conference will take place at the University of Coimbra, in the Department of Mathematics in Praça Dom Dinis, located on the hill above the old town. A virtual tour of the university is available here. The accommodation recommendations made at this website are all within walking distance or a short bus trip.
The conference will run from approximately 0900 on Monday 20 March until 1800 on Wednesday 23 March. The specially invited keynote speakers will open and close the conferences.
As many people are expected to arrive on Sunday 20 March, some informal arrangements have been made for optional social gatherings during Sunday evening. Suggestions for good local restaurants and bars made by the local organisers will be left in all the recommended hotels listed at this website and are posted on the social events web pages.


If travelling from outside the Iberian peninsula, you will probably fly to Lisbon or Oporto, from where there are good train connections to Coimbra. Flight costs can be reasonable if booked in advance, but they can become expensive near Easter. For a listing of flights servicing Portugal and Oporto, check the Portuguese airports authority for arrival and departure timetables, or alternatively you can search an online travel booking service. A special agreement has been made in order to offer a discount to the participants who make their flight booking and buy their ticket exclusively through TAP Air Portugal’s website.
Rail travel from both Lisbon and Oporto is regular and fast, especially if you take the Alfa Pendular (“pendolino”) or InterCity services. Portuguese railways gives timetables and fare information for the Lisboa - Porto line on which Coimbra is located. The Dutch railway website provides a very comprehensive timetable from other European cities to Coimbra.


Take a taxi from the arrivals area to the Oriente railway station (about 10 minutes and should cost 5-8 euros). Both the airport and Oriente station lie to the north east of the town centre.

Go to the upper ticketing level at the station and find the ticket kiosk for the Lisboa-Porto line (look for the "Alfa" and "Intercidades" signs)

Buy a ticket, preferably for an Alfa Pendular or InterCity train (these require reservations). The cost is between 25 and 30 euros for a return journey.

Trains depart Lisbon Oriente station for Coimbra approximately every hour, with a journey duration of around two hours. On Sunday, 20 March trains depart Lisbon Oriente from 08:04 to 21:04 with journeys returning to Lisbon on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th March at similar frequencies and times (check timetables at Portuguese railways)

Get off the train when you arrive at Coimbra B (the main railway station). You can take another train for Coimbra A station on the same ticket from where all the hotels are within walking distance. However, if you are staying at the student accommodation, then it is best to get off at Coimbra B station and take a taxi to the residencia (approximately 4 euros). Please note that InterCity trains do not stop at Coimbra A station, so you must get off at Coimbra B.


From the airport which lies to the north of the town, take a taxi to the main railway station of Porto Campanha (this should cost 20-25 euros).

Trains depart station hourly with a journey time of one and a quarter hours for Alfa Pendular and InterCity trains, and approximately two hours for regional trains. Rail fares cost between 15-22 euros.

Get off at Coimbra B. If you are staying at the student accommodation, take a taxi to the residencia (approximately 4 euros). If staying at the hotels, then use the same ticket to take another train to Coimbra A station, where the hotels are nearby. Please note that InterCity trains do not stop at Coimbra A station, so you must get off at Coimbra B.


In case your flight or train arrives too late to travel to Coimbra on the same day, and you require overnight accommodation in Lisbon, it is best to aim for a hotel near the Gare do Oriente (Oriente railway station) which is only 10 minutes away by taxi. This impressive glass and concrete construction was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Opposite the Oriente station is the Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre, Oceanarium and Virtual Reality Pavilion which have been built on the former Expo'98 site now called the Parque das Nacoes. The two nearest hotels are Hotel Tryp Oriente and Hotel Tivoli Tejo. Both cost approximately 90-100 EUR for a single room, and do not offer special rates during the Easter period. An online hotel search for hotels near Lisbon airport may provide something less expensive.


R- Rectory | C - Conference Site
1- Railway station | 2 - Bus station
HOTELS 1 - Astória | 2 - Ibis | 3 - Melia | 4 - Tivoli | 5 - Almedina
GUEST HOUSES 1 - R. Antunes | 2 - R. Alentejana | 3 - R. Avenida | 4- R. Botânico


Invitation letters for applying for a visa to Portugal for authors of ACCEPTED
PAPERS will be issued by the Local Organizing Committee at the Department of
Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra. In case you need such a letter,
write an email to ICANNGA05 Organizers,
with subject: ICANNGA05 Travel Visa Application and include the following
information (essential!):

1. Complete name, including title, and affiliation
2. Address, where the letter should be send to (possibly incl. a fax number)
3. Nationality of applicant, passport no., date and place of issuance of the
4. Title of the paper, its authors and the paper-id
If some of this information is missing, we can not provide a supporting letter,
so please take care to provide complete information.


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