The ICANNGA series of Conferences has been organised since 1993 and has a long history of promoting the principles and understanding of computational intelligence paradigms within the scientific community. Starting in Innsbruck, in Austria (1993), thence to Alès in France (1995), Norwich in England (1997), Porto Roz in Slovenia (1999), Prague in Czech Republic (2001) and finally Roanne, in France (2003), the ICANNGA series has established itself for established workers in the fields. The series has also been of value to young researchers wishing both to extend their knowledge and experience and also meet established workers in their fields.



Icannga 2001
Prague, Czech Republic


Icannga 1999
PortoRoz, Slovene


Icannga 1997

East Anglia, UK


Icannga 1995
École des Mines d’Alès, France


Icannga 1993
Innsbrück, Austria